Only Your Opinion

WTFBWA friend of mine once worked on some code with a number of other people. At some point he found a large chunk of code that was unreachable, yet someone was working on it. After some inquires about the nature of the code, the person working on it got quite hostile, claiming the code was crucial and was in fact reachable. At some point a manager intervened. This manager listened to both parties and sumed up the problem. “So you claim the code will never be executed and you claim the code is crucial.” Both, my friend the coder and the other person agreed. Without much further thought, the manager decided that the other person should keep working on their code, claiming: “This is really a no-brainer. Since you both did not list any negative performance consequences, we don’t change anything.” When my friend emphasized again that the code was unreachable he was met with “But that is only your opinion.”