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Google, the GUI-Snatcher

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donaldMost pro-programmers will know that programs that function well, also need the proper form. That is, if you want users to, well actually use your program. Getting the form right, means tweaking the graphics, the layouts, the speed, the input flow, progress bars, and much, much more. Actually it is almost an art to dress up your code such that it will diffuse. Even if you do everything right, and create a Bauhausian beauty where form and function walk hand in hand with your user, straight into paradise, chances are they still will not adopt it.
Look at Google Chrome. They did a lot right, even the marketing, so after a year, how are they doing?

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Normal people just use IE, they just do, and only people like you and me use the other stuff. The inertia is horrible. So Google climbed out the box once more. They noticed that it is easier to have people install a plugin than to make them change their “Internet” as they call IE. So they made a plugin that will gut IE and replace the inside with Chrome. So people can keep using their IE like they are used to, only they are using Chrome. Brilliant, if you cannot get users to use your look and feel, use body-snatcher tactics. See the story unfold at The Reg, or any of your favorite blogs.