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When Coding Fails

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I needed to rescue all the photo’s on a 2.5″ drive. It had a S-ATA interface. I had all the software but not the hardware. So I went out and bought a S-ATA to USB3 gadget. Though the computer reading the disk had only USB2, I bought the USB3 device because (I thought) I knew USB3 is 100% compatible with USB2. Needles to say, it failed work. After some reading specs I find that a USB3 socket delivers 900mA where USB2 can drive a maxium of 500mA. Remembering an USB2 device that had a Y-shaped cable and two connectors it hit me. All I needed to do was add a USB2 connector to the power circuitry. Took 20 minutes. And so, my fellow coders: code not what your code can’t do for you – ask what you can do for your code.