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The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr. is a succinct do-and-don’ts text on writing. There is an updated version by Strunk and White. Over a decade ago I made a LaTeX version of the 1918 out-of-copyright version. More recent I made a Kindle version. I put them up for DOWNLOAD. Looking at the decade old Makefile (that still worked) I realized how much my Makefiles have changed over time. There are several particularities with LaTeX that make it hard for make to handle. It needs a number of passes, if it fails it needs a clean up, and the output is way to verbose most of the time. Therefor I coded a Makefile to run LaTeX as often as required, cleanup after a failed compilation attempt, display a progress bar, and redirect LaTeX’s output to a file named ‘out’. If you like you can look at it and take whatever you like from it for your own Makefiles.