Disgrunted IT Employees Everywhere

In 2007, about 12% of the IT employees fit in category of “highly engaged” workers, but that has since fallen to 4%. “These […] most critical employees,” […] [are] 2.5 times more likely than the average employee to be looking for new opportunities. […] “The folks at Apple Computer […] are unlikly to be looking elsewhere. […] Employees elsewhere “are going to be shopping for […] purposefulness,” […] A Dice survey of 360 people in August found that over a third were planning to change jobs once the job market improves. (Patrick Thibodeau) [Surveys: IT job satisfaction plummets to all-time low]

So what is the point? Go else where or stay because it is no fun else where either? Or is it, maybe, change jobs often?

  1. John Sinteur says:

    That’s what you get when you can’t have fun at the office. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s unlikely that I ever again work as an employee.

    [Things I am not allowed to do any more:]

    Yelling “Fire in the hole!” whenever I make a check-in is not team building.


    I must not check in a new memory manager two hours before going on an overseas vacation.

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