One Thousand Cuts Per Day

musashi-sDo not choose setup.exe. Choose setup. Why? By default, Windows hides common extensions and what appears to be setup.exe is actually a file called setup.exe.config and setup is actually setup.exe. Anyone with any pretensions towards technical savvy will sidestep that trap intuitively, it does begin to feel horribly familiar. (Mark Whitehorn) [SQL Server 2008 – from semi-relational to sublime]
The design of you code can escape into the real world. Split second decisions like: “Ok, I need a name for this configuration file. Let’s add “.config” to the executable name.” is one of one thousand decisions per day. And all these split second brethren need more than casual thought. Non coders usually don’t understand the magnitude of mental reflexes needed for this. But also they will never know the deep satisfaction it brings to fight the devil and win, to write really good code.

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