Long Matters Short

Banks play a pivotal role in the finance system, they perform a kind of miracle, they make short money long. Come to think of it, most companies, not just banks, perform such miracles. Companies, make long visions short. Management takes the long term goals of a company and by ways of a miracle translates them into short term goals for the people that actually do the work. So, wonder no more, that is what management is good for … in theory. In practice management often emits quick and dirty shorts that do not sum into coherent longs. With most tech-companies, this is even more difficult to spot because a manager, feeling the lack of effort behind their decision, will effort-up the decision by trying to express it in quasi tech-terms.

So next time, you go WTF? Just ask them two things. First, why are you telling me how-to-do instead of what-to-do? And second, what long term goal does this serve?